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Voices From The Past



   When you stop and think about it the only people with true long term survival experience are our Ancestors. By Ancestors I am referring to the Pilgrims, and Pioneers that explored and settled this country. They were the original survivalists.  For the most part they not only survived but eventually they flourished. We are evidence of this. With this realization I decided to try and discover just how our Ancestors survived. In researching I have searched literally hundreds of old books, journals, newspapers and magazines. I discovered that what the early pioneers survived were hardships that would be difficult for us today to even imagine.

   Just try and imagine uprooting your family and starting out on a journey of three or four hundred miles to an unknown wilderness. To make matters worse, you must travel on foot with only the supplies on your back. Once you arrived at your new home site the only tools you had would be an axe. Now think of doing this with a young wife and children. To compound your problem you must be every mindful of hostile Indians. What they accomplished in many cases is actually beyond belief. The answer as to how they survived is actually pretty simple, willpower and perseverance.

   “Voices From the Past” is compiled of true accounts of actual events. We have taken excerpts from books, journals, newspapers, magazines from the 1600’s, 1700’s and the 1800’s. We have tried to present this in a manner that will not only instruct but also entertain. We start by explaining their daily living conditions, how they actually lived. We then present true accounts on events that actually occurred. We start in the 1600’s and follow events through the late 1800’s. In this way we hope to show how each generation progressed…

Cooking Through The Centuries


   “Cooking through the Centuries” is a cookbook not a recipe book. Although we have included around 415 recipes the number one goal of “Cooking through the Centuries” is to show how our ancestors and the Native Americans survived without gas stoves, ovens and refrigerators. In order to do this we have taken excerpts from Journals, cookbooks and magazines from as far back as the 1600’s. These Folks had to cook over open fires, and use fresh or preserved foods. In a long-term survival situation we will find ourselves in much the same situation. Who better to learn from than our ancestors and Native Americans? You will find that they not only survive but, in most cases, lived very well using these methods. In many ways they actually ate better than we do today.

Short Term Survival Guide



   Regardless of what you may have heard short-term survival, we are talking two or three days up to ten days, is really quite simple. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to diminish the danger of a short-term survival situation. All I am saying is that unless you are injured or in a harsh environment survival is not going to be as difficult as you have probably been led to believe.

   Our goal with “Short-Term Survival Guide” is to debunk some of the erroneous information that is out there concerning short-term survival. Many of the survival sites as well as many of the survival books would lead you to believe that if you become stranded or lost for whatever reason your life is in imminent peril. They lead you to believe that without food or water you will perish within hours, this is a completely false concept. This is a dangerous concept which leads to panic. Panic is greatest danger is a survival situation.

   You don’t have to go to a survival camp to learn how to survive. You don’t need to learn to rub two sticks together to start a fire, or how to make a solar still in order to have water. We explain how you can prepare so with a few simple items you won’t have rub sticks together, eat bugs or drink contaminated water.

Hunting, Fishing, & Trapping


   In this book we will cover Hunting, Fishing and Trapping. The skills covered are as old as man himself. After all long before there were supermarkets man was out foraging for food, either gathering edible plants or hunting, trapping, and fishing. Most of this information comes from writers in the earlier 1900’s or late 1800’s. I feel that these Authors’ situations more closely fit the conditions you will be facing. Most of today’s Authors cater to trophy or sports hunters and fishermen rather than someone hunting or fishing to feed their family. You will find the information in this book is geared towards survival, long term survival. You are after meat not a trophy.

Why Prepare To Survive?



   My number one goal with “Why Prepare to Survive?” is to bring to your attention the many National Catastrophic events the U.S. Government is presently warning citizens to prepare for. These are events the Government say to prepare for when they occur, not if they occur. With this thought should come the realization that you should prepare yourself and your family to survive.

In order to accomplish this goal, I have compiled excerpts from reports from all levels of government. This is information that is readily available to the general public.

   As you read through the book you will see examples of all the events that we face as a country that could be our downfall. Everything from the deplorable state of our National Infrastructure which we are now rated twenty-third in the world to the national power grid which is considered by many to be the U.S.’s Achilles’ heel.

You will see examples of all of the natural and manmade disasters that will come sooner or later. Everything from catastrophic earthquakes and weather to an influenza pandemic that the Government and scientists say will without doubt occur. This pandemic is predicted to cause from 200,000 to 2 million deaths in the U.S. alone.

   Last, but not least, is the danger we are seeing today and that is the danger of an economic collapse. I go into detail with facts and figures on the economy, foreclosures, unemployment, and Government debt.

   Why Preparing To Survive compiles all of this information into a single source.

Out Of Harm's Way 2


   Out of Harm’s Way 2 picks up where Out of Harm’s Way 1 ends.  It explains in detail how to survive long term at your evacuation point. By long term we are talking months maybe even years. It includes detail plans on how to build shelters, grow and harvest food, how to harvest wild animals, how to gather fish and how to preserve these foods without modern conveniences. It explains the security problems that you will face keeping you family and/or Group safe from marauding gangs. It is written to help you and your family and /or Group survive what will be a life threating event.

Out Of Harm's Way


   The government tells us we should have three days’ emergency provisions in the preparation for a catastrophic event.   Out of Harm’s Way 1 lays out in detail why and how to prepare your family and/or a Group to survive when the United States suffers a catastrophic event. It explains why you will be unable to survive in place and why you should not expect help from the Government. We explain why you should have a predetermined evacuation point with adequate supplies cached to survive long term. It takes you through the process of preparing until the time you and your family or Group arrive at your evacuation point.