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​​   People who prepare to survive long term are not Survivalists, at least not in the normal sense of the word. People who are preparing to survive long term are realists, realist in the same sense that people who buy insurance are realist. The reason people buy health insurance is because they know at some point they will get sick, have an injury that will require a doctor's attention and most likely a stay in a hospital. They buy auto insurance because they know chances are good that at some point they will have an automobile accident. They have burial insurance because they know that at some point they are going to die. The same is true for all the insurance we buy. We know there are going to be events in everyone's life that requires insurance.

  lsn't the same true for a catastrophic event? There is no catastrophic event insurance to buy. If you want catastrophic insurance then you have to provide this for yourself and your family.

   Throughout history there have been natural as well as man-made disasters of a magnitude that we in the United States cannot comprehend. It is inevitable there will be future disasters of this or even of a greater magnitude. lf you are a religious person you know that we are due, if you are one who studies history you know we are due, if you are one who studies and believes in astrology, you know the signs say we are due, if you are a gambler then you know what the odds are - most of us living today will see a major catastrophic event.

  These books are about insurance: Family Survival lnsurance. You can't buy Family Survival lnsurance. You have to provide this insurance yourself, this is your responsibility, don't you think you owe it to your family? Protecting your family is after all, what insurance is all about? When there is a national catastrophic event resulting in the failure of the U.S. infrastructure, all of your other insurances will be worthless. The Out Of Harm's Way books are no nonsense books that show you:

  • How to prepare for long term survival

  • Looks at the different catastrophic event scenarios and the results.

  • How to prepare your family for such an event.

  • How to bring together a likeminded Group of Folks

  • How to choose an evacuation point, how to cache supplies, what supplies to cache, how to build temporary as well as permanent shelters.

  • lt covers security requirements, hunting and fishing as well as gardening

  lt is our intention the Out Of Harm's Way books be used as long term survival field manuals. Book 1 will help you prepare to survive. Book 2 will help you and your family survive long term.