Out Of Harm's Way 2














   In the Out of Harm's Way books we are preparing for long term survival. Long term survival requires totally different preparation than does short term survival. With short term survival you are looking at surviving for a limited amount of time. After a short period of time it is assumed help will arrive or the situation will clear itself up.

  In a long term survival situation as assumed in the Out of Harm's Way books, it will take years to get back to somewhat normal life. There will be no help coming, you are on your on.

  When the U.S. suffers a major Catastrophic Event and you are forced into a long term survival situation at some point there are certain thing that will be inevitable:

  •You will require a source of clean raw water

  •You will require medical attention, not just First Aid

  •You will be required to hunt, fish, and trap for food and clothing

  •You will be required to grow at least a portion of your food

  •You will be required to preserve food for the winter

  •You will be required to build a permanent shelter

  •You will require proper sanitation facilities

  •You will be required to make your clothing

  •You will be required defend your location

  These are things that you will have no choice in; there will be no way to avoid these. There is no way you can cache or carry enough water or water purifier to last an extended period of time. You will have to have a source of pure raw water. The same is true for food and clothing. You will have to hunt, fish, trap and grow your food. You will not want to live in temporary shelter for a long period of time, there are health considerations as well as comfort issue. You will have to have a means of safely disposing of sewage and waste.

  At some point you may have to defend your location, location will be key to avoid or minimize the chances of this happening.

  Our goal with both Out of Harm's Way 1 & 2 is to help you and your Group prepare for these inevitabilities. Our intent is to accomplish this by providing you with vital information to help you overcome these tasks.