Why Prepare To Survive ?

The True State Of The Union














​   My number one goal with "Why Prepare to Survive ?" is to bring to your attention the many National Catastrophic events the Government is presently warning citizens of the U.S. to prepare for. In order for me to accomplish this goal you must realize that these are events the Government categorized as imminent, in other words these are events that the Government is preparing for. These are events the Government says will occur, not if they will occur. With this realization should come the realization that you should prepare yourself and your family to survive.

   In order to accomplish this goal I have compiled excerpts from high level government meeting, Departmental reports as well as Congressional meetings and hearings. This is information that is readily available to the general public.

   In reading these excerpts you will see the deplorable state of our National Infrastructure. You will learn that just a few years ago the U.S. National Infrastructure was rated number one in the World, we are now rated twenty-third in the world. You will see this is simply due to lack of maintenance. You will also understand how this makes the U.S. very vulnerable to attack or natural disasters.

   In reading these excerpts you will see that the more technologically advanced we become the more vulnerable the nation becomes. For instance a Terrorist in front of a computer five thousand miles from the U.S. now has the very real potential of shutting down our entire power grid. You will also see why the national power grid is now considered by many to be the U.S.'s Achilles' heel. Not only is it our Achilles' heel it is also one of the most vulnerable sectors in our National Infrastructure. You will understand, without a fully functional power grid the U.S. will be paralyzed, forced back to the 1800's instantly.

   You will see that in today's world it is relatively easy to procure the materials for a dirty bomb, biological or chemical bomb, or even a nuclear weapon. You will also see many prominent scientists are saying we are long overdue for a catastrophic earthquake.

   Then there is the influenza pandemic that the Government and scientists say will without doubt occur. This pandemic is predicted to cause from 200,000 to 2 million deaths in the U.S. alone.

   Last, but not least, is the danger we are seeing today and that is the danger of an economic collapse. I go into detail with facts and figures on the economy, foreclosures, unemployment, and Government debt.

   You will learn that all of these events are events that the Government is telling the U.S. Citizens to prepare for.