Hunting, Fishing & Trapping














   There are a few skills I think should be considered essential for every family in the U.S. These are how to hunt, fish and trap. Not only are these skills essential but the tools needed to perform these skills are essential. These are skills and tools that up until rather recently at least one person in every family processed. Every family had firearms, fishing gear and most had at least a few traps.

   These skills and tools gave people independence by giving them the ability to feed their family. Without these skills and tools you must depend on someone else in order to feed your family. This would be the local supermarket, butcher, or farmer. What happen when these people shut down?

   In the "Preparing to Survive" book series we assume the United States has suffered a National catastrophic event. We assume the worst case event. This would be an event that has destroyed the power grid thereby destroying the National infrastructure. As a results there is no electricity, which in turn causes a cascading effect resulting in no water being pumped through public water systems, supermarket shelves or stripped bare, hospitals being unable to function, no fuel, no communication and no police or any authority. In other words life as we know it has been thrown back a hundred years. This will inevitably lead to anarchy throughout the U.S. Mobs and Gangs will be ruling the streets. The only way for you and your family to survive is to get out of harm's way. You must a have a prearranged evacuation point with cached supplies where you can survive long term. "Out of Harm's Way" Books 1 & 2 described how to accomplish this.

   With the "Preparing to Survive" book series our goal is to provide you with more detailed information that will help you in developing skills necessary for you and your Group to survive long term.

   In this, the first book of ten we will cover Hunting, Fishing and Trapping. In this book we will cover skills that are as old as man himself. After all long before there were supermarkets man was out foraging for food, either gathering edible plants or hunting, trapping, and fishing.

   This is not your usual hunting, fishing or trapping book. No, we are not interested in a trophy animal or fish to hang on the wall. We are after meat...meat to feed our family.

   Hunting section covers the choosing of a weapon, how to locate the game, how to stalk and then harvest the game.

   Fishing section starts with the equipment, how to get the bait, locating the fish and then different methods of harvesting fish.

   Trapping section we begin by telling you how to choose the proper trap, how to locate the quarry and then how and where to set the trap. We also go into detail on the making of deadfalls and setting snares.