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The Point: A Survival Novel

   Turning a five-gallon bucket over I sat down and with my elbows resting on my knees I cradled my head in my hands. I was alone for the first time since what…the World ended…no not quite, that was a little exaggerated, maybe a little self-pity…the World hadn’t ended…but it was a good bet that life as we knew it had. I remembered I had once written that man could not destroy something God had created but man could easily destroy his society. Had man finally done it, destroyed his society.

   Sure, as hell sounded like it. If we haven’t destroyed our society, we sure have a good start to that end. If what was becoming more and more apparent is true, then we have a problem, a big problem. It is for sure most people are not ready for this. Most people will not accept what has happened, for many it is beyond belief. Without some authority to tell the public what to do and when to do it our society is doomed.

   There are eighteen people that are now depending on me to lead them to safety. Thirty miles without transportation. Men women and children. Can we do it, are we up to it… Hell, we have to do it, there is no plan B we have no choice. This is our worst-case scenario. I had written two books on surviving a catastrophic event such as this. I had always assumed it would take three days, maybe a week at the most before our society will be unrecognizable, before anarchy would set in. Now that my greatest fears had come to fruition it looked as if I had miscalculated. Our society was already unraveling. We as a society have been thrust back in time a hundred or a hundred-fifty years in time. Can we survive, can we even imagine what we are about to face? Have we got a choice?

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