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Voices From The Past

    When you stop and think about it the only people with true long term survival experience are our Ancestors. By Ancestors I am referring to the Pilgrims, and Pioneers that explored and settled this country. They were the original survivalists. For the most part they not only survived but eventually they flourished. We are evidence of this. With this realization I decided to try and discover just how our Ancestors survived. In researching I have searched literally hundreds of old books, journals, newspapers and magazines. I discovered that what the early pioneers survived were hardships that would be difficult for us today to even imagine.

   Just try and imagine uprooting your family and starting out on a journey of three or four hundred miles to an unknown wilderness. To make matters worse, you must travel on foot with only the supplies on your back. Once you arrived at your new home site the only tools you had would be an axe. Now think of doing this with a young wife and children. To compound your problem you must be every mindful of hostile Indians. What they accomplished in many cases is actually beyond belief. The answer as to how they survived is actually pretty simple, willpower and perseverance,

   “Voices From the Past” is compiled of true accounts of actual events. We have taken excerpts from books, journals, newspapers, magazines from the 1600’s, 1700’s and the 1800’s. We have tried to present this in a manner that will not only instruct but also entertain. We start by explaining their daily living conditions, how they actually lived. We then present true accounts on events that actually occurred. We start in the 1600’s and follow events through the late 1800’s. In this way we hope to show how each generation progressed…

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